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First Article on Condotel funding

Jim Pendleton - Mr MortgageTM

You are hereby notified that Condotel funding is still available. Yeslimited. Yesbut for the right client Condotel funding can be done.

The funding is done as a deed of trust. Yeswith a European fund that has over twenty years of experience doing Condotel funding and condo hotel funding. Yeswhich means we do it right!

Direct lender trust funding for Condotel and condo hotel funding. Yesget your info knowing Condotel funding or condo hotel funding. 

The risk involved in refinancing your current Condotel mortgage is nearly non-existent. If you think you'll save money by refinancing. Yesnow is a good time to act.  Thousands of people refinance their homes and save money every day. Yeslook at some of the benefits of refinancing today.

The amount of funding is for loan amounts above $200,000 and for investors with reserves of 15% AFTER down payment. Yesclosing costs. Yesetc. have been paid.




Special Note               

Condotel financing
  has changed, and we can still finance units, limited to a minimum loan amount of $100,000  up to  80% LTV. 
 $3,000,000 maximium.

This financing is a        full income        Good credit loan. Liquid assets of 12 months payments of the loan amount, after closing costs are paid, will be required, 24 months if over $1,000,000

Self employed and retired OK.

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 Condotel financing 


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